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Whats Yelling from within?



There is something important that you were meant to do! Something important that you are meant to be! The sad truth is we often allow others or the circumstances of life to hold us back from truly being who we were designed to be.

Your identity and who you believe you are has everything to do with using your voice. At the core of your being who do you really believe that you are? If you believe that you are not worthy of the best it is easier to people please in order to gain the approval from others. You may know you deserve the best but when it comes to your relationship with other people you show something different. You may let others get the best of you. In your relationship with others they may make you feel guilty for not doing a certain activity or task with them.

If you believe that you are worthy of taking care of yourself and you are worthy of the best in life then you are less likely to people please. If you believe that you are worthy of the best you say No more often because you know that you deserve to he healthy and happy. A person that thinks highly of him or herself knows their boundaries with other people and you are not afraid to use them.

Sadly, our identity can become lost in “things” and “other “people.” For example someone may work a job from sun up to sun down they may work so much they disregard the needs of their family; the need to raise their children or spend quality time with their spouse. They may become so absorbed with gaining approval at their job that they disregard everything and everyone else. There is nothing wrong with working hard or going after what you want but when there is no balance many things in your life can go the wrong way. Our identity can also be lost in another person such as a significant other. The person who has lost their identity or the people pleaser may be so codependent on their significant other that they cannot think for themselves; they may constantly seek the approval of their significant other. The person who has lost their identity may go to great lengths and do things to put their significant other first totally disregarding him or herself. The people pleaser may only see them as being important because they are someone’s girlfriend or boyfriend.

Some of those actions may look like spending all of their money on their significant other when they have bills and other responsibilities themselves. The people pleaser puts everything that they have in their life to the side just to please their significant other. In the people pleasers eyes they don’t see themselves as important at all.

So today discover what’s yelling from within? What brings you joy? What are you passionate about? Get back to the being who you were meant to be.

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