What is Zapping Your Energy

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What is Zapping Your Energy


So many times we give things and people in our lives more energy than it or they deserve. We spend too much time on the job and not enough time with our families.  We give too much time to material things and not enough time on things that will help us to grow as an individual. In my case it was spending too much time caring about what others thought of me instead of doing what God called me to do.

We really have to evaluate what we are giving our energy too! We were made for a purpose and God has given us so much to enjoy in this life. We can no longer waste our energy on things that won’t benefit us. Let God work the hearts of others and you worry about your purpose.

So today remember to evaluate where your energy is going. Is your energy going in places that will help you or someone else become better? Place your energy in only the places that matter.


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