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Do you need a speaker that will speak straight to your heart about how to boost your confidence to another dimension? Boosting confidence in relationships and in your purpose is very important for your success. Candice has a burning passion to help women boost their confidence to achieve the life that they were meant to live. She shares a message of truth that will help women in their relationships as well as their life purpose.

She speaks from the heart and speaks from experience. She is a licensed professional counselor associate who has dedicated countless hours to help women become more confident in their relationships so that they can speak up, be assertive and have the life they deserve.

Candice loves to inspire others to let them know that they are more than any title; they are more than their job or status. She lets them know they can recover from a bad break-up or job loss. Candice has spoken to several professional groups, colleges and universities.

Signature Speaking Topics

4 Steps to being true to you: We live in a world where everyone is trying to be someone else. Candice challenges you to think if you are out here trying to be everyone else then who will be you.

Your identity: Who are you really? Minus your job titles, minus what others say about you, Who are you at the every core?

Getting Paid to live your Purpose: Do you feel like you are suppose to be doing something more than your job? Do you have a plan but no idea where to start?

Relationship Cure: Achieving the confidence in your relationships with males. Are you falling into a trap of dead end relationships? Do you desire love but seem to attach the wrong males? Allow Candice to share with you steps to help you in every relationship.

Candice has spoken with groups at the following organizations

  • Art Institute
  • Winthrop University
  • Pilgrims Inn Homeless Shelter
  • Pimosh youth camp
  • Charlotte Mecklenburg High school
  • Make me over Eb- Imaging & Branding Organization
  • Women Seminars & Empowerment Events
    The Myrtis Simpson Walker Youth Leadership Foundation
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