Dear Daughter,

Give yourself time to be my daughter. Give yourself time to grow closer to me. Give yourself time to blossom into this woman that I have called you to be. Everything does not have to be rushed. Don’t be in such a rush to be a finished product. Allow me to prepare something beautiful and amazing for you. It is just like waiting at your favorite restaurant, the chef prepares the best meal and that takes time, you wait patiently and expectantly because you know your food is going to be delicious. Trust me enough to wait on me too. The point you need to remember is that all good things take time, but I am a timeless God, I create things at the best time for you. Trust me to know that as you wait you can lean and depend on me. Your every thought, worry and moments of frustration can be brought to me. Daughter as you wait allow me to pour into you so that you can be my vessel for the kingdom. Bring all your moments to me. Every dream, every plan, every mistake, every failure to me. Allow me to work through you as you wait.

I love you daughter.

Inspired by God from the verse, Matthew 11:28.

Written by Candice A. Caldwell

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