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Less Stressed. More Blessed

If you are like me you can relate to this statement “Too stressed, to be my best.” You are the supreme multi-tasker you are trying to do so many projects at once. You are over here, you are over there, you are in this committee taking care of this person, doing a favor for another person. Hold on, wait! There is nothing wrong with doing all of these things but what about you? When are you going to have time to do the things that God has called you to do?

These are all hard questions to ask ourselves but self-check has to happen in order to have growth. It is possible to run yourself so ragged and thin to the point where you become weak and are no good for anyone else or yourself. Trust me I have been there! Through God I was able to work through. I would like to share a few tips that I used and I know that they can work for you too!

One-on-One time with God could be reading your bible or praying in the morning. Find your special time that you devote to the God. You could find a special place in your home and decorate it as your sanctuary. It can be a serene place that you just go to in order to pray and spend time with God. For me it is outside in the morning on the back porch. I see and feel God in the wind and in nature. Once I spend time with God in the mornings I can go about my day feeling connected, restored and refreshed. We need spiritual food every day just as we need food to fuel our bodies.

This is probably one of the most important things that I had to learn. We cannot please everyone by doing everything. When someone came and asked me to do something I would have to pray first and then think about what I had on my plate before I responded. If you know you have too much on your plate then don’t commit to another task.

We have to have a group of people that we trust who support us in all we do. Someone that we can go to and verbalize how we are feeling. Someone who you can text or call and say, “Hey I really need you to pray for me!” We should all at least have 2 people that we trust.

Sometimes we are just working aimlessly with no goal date in mind to complete our projects. We work on a project forever and ever because we just don’t have a target date. Be reasonable in your target date, leave enough time for you to do your project well. (Example: It may take a year to write a book). Please don’t beat yourself up if you don’t get your project done by the target date. If you don’t get it done by the due date just re-adjust go back and give yourself more time.

We cannot do everything at once. Write down all of your projects and then set a target or due date for one then move on too the next. This will allow you to see everything that you need to accomplish. You won’t get overwhelmed because you are completing one project at a time. You are giving yourself time to do each project well. Make sure you ask for help with some of your projects, you were not born to work alone.

I believe that we don’t celebrate enough because we are always worrying about what we have to do next! Celebrate when you complete a project. Celebrate just because you are living! Celebrate life more, it will make everything you do just a little more enjoyable.

Let me know your Feedback! Try these things out and let me know if they work. If you have any questions or just feel like you need more than a newsletter to help you become the person that God meant for you to be, contact me today for a free consultation for Life Coaching.

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