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Give Me Some R&R

Relaxing and Resting is one of the hardest things to do in our world today. We are always doing something. We have to meet someone, go to an event, help this person or that person. BUT what about YOU! When do you have time to rest and reflect? When it it okay to stop the madness and just REST!

 don’t know about you but I have suffered from busy-body-NESS. I was one of those people that always had to do something. I could not relax because I was worried about that I had to do next. I had a never ending to-do list of things that needed to be done. Most of the things on my list were not a priority but I made them a priority. I would become overwhelmed or even become upset with myself if I did not get these things done. Many times I became so over whelmed to the point that I got sick! No one wants to live a life where the only time they can rest is on a vacation with palm trees. We need to be able to rest now.

I have created some things that have helped me and I hope they can help you too. There are so many benefits to receiving rest; having a clear mind, being restored and being happy overall with your life.

Here are a few things that have helped me prioritize:

1.   Pray before doing anything. Prayer allows you to focus on God and reminds you that God is here to help you get things done. You have a source of power tap into it!

2. Write down everything you need to do. Highlight at least 3 items that you need to get done. This allows you to prioritize and not become overwhelmed.

3. During the week reward yourself by doing something you enjoy. This could be a  taking a relaxing bath, watching a movie, coffee with a friend, pampering yourself, etc.

4. Take a few mins each day to reflect on some of the good things that happened in your day. You can just take a few mins to stop and be grateful that you are alive. It may be on the way home from work, or as soon as you get home taking five mins to rest.

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