Dear Daughter- Take off the Mask

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Dear Daughter- Take off the Mask


dear-daughter-of-god-2Dear Daughter,

Take of the mask; take off the need to be perfect. Take away the desire to have everything together. Take away the desire to please everyone because you cannot.

Take away the need to look and be like the next supposedly flawless girl you see. Daughter, please look in the mirror at the masterpiece that I created. I created you for more, I did not create you to feel insecure and less than. I created you to feel amazing, I created you to embrace yourself completely. I created you to be just who you are with flaws and all. Accept all of your imperfections because I am the one who fills all voids, I am the one who makes you whole. I delight in your reliance on me. I delight when you ask for me help and when you rely on my strength. I am the one that you need, not the world and certainly not a comparison of someone else. Take ownership over who you are. Accept who you are because I made you and being YOU is simply enough for me.


Inspired by: Genesis 1:27

God created humankind in his own image, in the image of God he created them, male and female he created them.

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