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Be You
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Be You Audio CD is and affirmation audio designed to uplift and ignite an amazing transformation and change. Be You is a reminder that we should all be who God created us to be and no one else. There are 11 tracks that speak to different areas of your life. This CD is designed to be listen to daily for 30 days. If listen to for 30 days you will create new habits in your brain that will change your life.

This audio is meant to silence the screaming voice of doubt from within. The voice of doubts will stop you from living your purpose, the voice of doubt tries to stop you from moving forward, the voice of doubt tries to stop you from being the success that you were meant to be.

I experience extreme self-doubt and I was in a place in my life where I was extremely stuck. I could not move forward in doing anything.

If you are ready to see a change in your life, if you are ready to experience greater in your life, if you are ready to overcome listen to these words of truth and allow them to ignite a fire within you that will cause you to excel

This Audio includes a track that speaks to each area of your life from fitness healthy to relationships to your life purpose. 

From the audio you will:

  • Overcome the negative doubt that is holding you back from pursuing your dreams
  • You will begin to heal and remove the labels that were placed on you
  • You will become motivated to get up and work out to get your mind and body in shape
  • By listening to Be You for 30 days you will be will see change.


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